Who are you to bomb my people and kill them one by one
Who are you to scare little children and take their lives
LONDON we are strong and will not let all these terrorists scare us .
Ask yourself WHO ARE THEY to make me scared. These people have no love for humanity and don’t realise what they are doing is wrong.
How could a grown man even dare to hurt a child? More than millions of people have died because of terrorists attacks and I am sitting here in my warm house with plenty of food and drink sitting on my sofa helplessly when thousands of people are suffering day by day.
Now ask yourself WHO AM I to let this happen to my country. At this point in time all of the countries should work together to create a safe place for people to live, yet there is still war even though these MPs ,prime ministers and governments can see that their people are suffering as they speak.
Take a minute to yourself close your eyes and count to seven by the time you are at seven a live has been lost; keep counting until you get to a minute and realise that sitting down helplessly kills eight children every minute. I will not let this happen to the world and my country.
Today I was effected when I found out the attacks were happening so close to where I live.I lived in peace with people from every culture and religion. But what really made me frustrated and devastated was when the terrorist said “this is for Allah” and I asked my mum “what do they mean” and she said they are brain washed people who doesn’t know about Islam and its rules, that made me feel like someone had thrown a stone at me. My heart sunk. I had lost the will to live. Why live in a place where you are too scared to talk or go somewhere. Why live in a place where this could be my last day. Why live in a world where peace is a dream. Why live in a world where people don’t understand respect and humanity. TELL ME WHY!
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Thank you…

Tilbe Ethemsoy.