Tilbe  Ethemsoy

Ms Lalely

There was lady at the end of the street, heart purer than angels, smile that brightened the room, surrounded by the most incredible friends. Butno one knew she couldn’t remember the last night she hadn’t cried, or the pain that engulfed her and haunted her every thought.

Melek Dayım

Melek dayım nerdesin?

Bizi gece gündüz gezdiren

Mutlu olmamız için her şeyi yapan

Her zaman güldüren, seven



Who are you to bomb my people and kill them one by one
Who are you to scare little children and take their lives
LONDON we are strong and will not let all these terrorists scare us .
Ask yourself WHO ARE THEY to make me scared. These people have no love for humanity and don’t realise what they are doing is wrong.

Bir Gün Bir Hayat

Merhaba, bugün Türk arkadaslarim ve ailem icin bir yazi yaziyorum .ilk yazim İnglizceydi cunku benim Turkcegim farkedebildigniz gibi harika degil, ama benim butun ailem Türk ondan bu yaziyi onlar icin yaziyorum. Bir şiir yazdim.  


"Bir gun,bir hayat
Her dakika nin onemi var
Bir gun hepimiz olecegiz.
Sen sicacik  bir evdesin 
Ama bir giysi icin agliyorsun. 
Dunyanin obur tarafinda
Kucuk cocuklar ,bebekler
Bir ince kumas giyiyorlar
Sen kuslarin otmesine 
Sinir oluyorsun,"



This poem is dedicated to my tedious piano that gives me all kind of dreams I have never read a Turkish poem not about war this could be the first one hope you enjoy.

"Her sabah aynı sey  
Her sabah ayni zamanda
Kalkıp piano ma otururum
Pianom  sihirli bir ajan gibi,"


DIY Decorations

Yes it’s that time of the year when prices go up...a lot. Admit it we have all been through a time when we wanted something special and when finally, after hours on end of looking for it, you find it, your first thought yay... 2 seconds later you see the price... your just going to have to do without it. This is unacceptable and we want to put an end to this heart-breaking, Christmas ruining feelings, here is a few simple and cheap DIYs to make your celebration a dream come true...

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