There was lady at the end of the street, heart purer than angels, smile that brightened the room, surrounded by the most incredible friends. Butno one knew she couldn’t remember the last night she hadn’t cried, or the pain that engulfed her and haunted her every thought.No one knew her terrible life lasting pain, a pain even a death sentence was better than living with. But MsLalely struggled smiles to any passerby, so she was fine, right?

    Skin paler then the snow that lay asleep on her lawn, eyes that glow with sorrowful  joy, smile that was as superficial as a Barbie dolls’, then came her melting bones, melting not of old age but of the many sufferings she had been through. Yet she was known as the village’s happiest soul, everyone respected MsLalely. She had awards and awards and every time she would receive yet another reward for purest soul she would burst into tears not of happiness like everyone thought but of the dark deceitful alleyway down, down to memory lane. Her evils stayed with her for 70 years yet no one had doubted her.

    MsLalely had a secret.

She longed to tell someone, anyone but she knew she couldn’t.She never dared write it, never dare sing it not even think it in case there was a mind reader in the village. She was paranoid. Everyone had a story but hers was blurred, deeper and darker then Voldemort’s blood.

She was 20 when she had scarred her every memory. After the crime she had played she had ruined all her dreams and plans for her happily everafter. Lalelywas always the kindest, caring person since she was a baby. She had never got married; “look how loyal she is to our village” they would say. She hadn’t stepped outside for 70 years; “look how famous she is” they would say. She never talked merely smiled and nodded “look how respectful she is” they would say.

    MsLalely had a secret. A crime so severe it was sharper than a knife. Deeper than blood and bones. Tattooed deep into her flesh.

Tilbe Ethemsoy