Melis Ethemsoy

Hocus Pocus Bring MUSIC!!!!!

Chapter 1

      It all started when I joined the Royal Academy of Music. The minute I stepped my foot in there life was a disaster. Well first of all I was late for my first lesson which was theory with Hadiya. She was a kind sweet lady with mud brown eyes.

      There were four girls and two boys in my class. Sapphire, Almond, Lisa, me, George and Jonathan. Sapphire was the most jubilant person I’d ever seen. Lisa kind but a bit immature was the... well, I don’t know. Almond was a mini Sapphire I guess. Jonathan and George were mostly silent. Talk about me, I couldn’t even mutter a word!

“Melis how many quavers in a crotchet?”

     Hadiya would ask politely. I knew the answer but I couldn’t mutter a word. I would purse my lips together and go all red. But it’s been quite some time since I started Royal Academy of Music. So I’ll tell you what has happened so far...

      If you want to find out more about my music life and this interesting story, the book will (hopefully) be out in 2017!